Gyotaku...say what??!

Japanese 魚拓, from gyo "fish" + taku "stone impression"

Pronounced: guy oh tah koo with the emphasis on "tah"

So why isn't this blog about sewing and quilting? It's because I live pretty darn wholistically. And I use the "w" for that word to mean the whole enchilada: mind, body, soul. Nurture and Nature. When I decided to get into the quilt business it was almost anticlimactic. Well, "of course" is what I thought. I LOVE to sew, I LOVE to make things, I want to be my own boss, I want to set my own hours, I want to be available to family and I must support myself financially. No brainer as they say.

Quilting can't be called a fad because it hasn't come and gone and retro'd. It's evolved from our (great great great) grandmothers need for bed coverings. It's not just women anymore. It's not just hand pieced and sewn. It's not just muslin flour sacks and used up shirts and dresses. Take in the beauty of a quilt show and you will be astounded.

So, back to fish. Japanese fisherman record (some still do) their catch on rice paper and black ink. No fish tales here, everything in black and white! I took a workshop this past weekend and printed fish. Ok, they were rubber fish but their intrinsic beauty was still very much evident once printed. We were told to rub the paint off the eye area so it didn't print. A final touch was to paint the eye back in, returning the soul to the fish.

I'm going to appropriate this idea. I like the idea of something utilitarian (no fish tale) being a thing of beauty. Plus, it's that whole design thing...Japanese have it goin' on!

fishprint cropped.jpg