Just another day in paradise

I used to travel a lot. I'd pack my sketchbook and selection of pens, brushes, watercolor paints with every intention of using my free time, vacation time to create art. And I'd go home never pulling out the sketchbook. I don't beat myself up about it anymore and I still bring it all with me when I do travel. Though it all sits in my suitcase it's a constant reminder to think "art".

Most times on vacation I can shelve the stress in the overhead bin on the flight out. I eat what I want, I shop and buy foods I wouldn't normally buy, I have the Dad's Special Gin and Tonic because "I'm on vacation". What's never on vacation is my creative viewpoint. The color of the sky, the smell of the air, the traffic, cars, people, even the produce at Publix...all of it is different than my normal normal and fuel for my creativity when I get back home.

I have that last Blue Moon at the airport bar because I've still got a couple more hours "on vacation". When I get on the plane and open that overhead bin for just a couple more hours I let that stress sit up there. I reminisce about the past few days, close my eyes and see the sky meeting the water, the white birds letting the ocean breeze ruffle their feathers and vow that NEXT time, I'll pull out that sketchbook that has as many frequent flyer miles as myself.