Show and Tell

I joined my not so local quilt guild last evening and one of the highlights (besides free popcorn!) was show and tell. Remember that from grade school? I have fond memories of the concept and pretty sure I never brought anything as I was a dedicated wallflower for the longest time. It was ingrained to be seen and not heard and having a boisterous brother made me even more invisible in comparison. I longed for his bravery but told myself I had nothing special to offer.

Au contraire! Every person has something special in their bag of tricks! I looked around at the meeting and saw many women pretty darn happy to be sitting in a somewhat drafty auditorium on a drizzly winter evening watching a video presentation on….thread. For 45 minutes! Tip: most metallic thread is junk. Pull a 2’ length from the spool and let it hang in a u-shape. If it hangs like a “U” keep it, if it hangs in a series of swirls and dips, get rid of it. The swirls and dips mean it has been overstretched in the winding process and will cause a myriad of problems as it goes through your machine’s tension wheels. Or only use it in the bobbin.

At the end of the meeting was show and tell. Some quilts were amazingly pieced and complex and elicited oohs and aahs but many were special because they had a special purpose: baby quilts and charity quilts. Not blue ribbon winners of visual beauty but winners straight from the heart.

Join a guild and share the trials and tribulations of a common interest. I guarantee the shared camaraderie will make these dark days of winter a bit more bright.

Felix, the Cat and his Magic Bag of Tricks. Special thanks to Wikipedia

Felix, the Cat and his Magic Bag of Tricks. Special thanks to Wikipedia