Back on the road again

I’ve been dealing with a foot for about seven years now. In 2012 I came out of a sauna lightheaded, collapsed and fractured multiple bones in my left foot. Through some cultural apathy on the part of the medical community in Germany the foot was put back together…just. But once I returned to the good ol’ USA I visited a recommended foot doctor who instantly said, “We can fix this.” And I had the surgery.

This is HUGE to me. My psyche totally swirls around and through my athletic pursuits. I wish I was a donut-eating couch potato but unless I do some form of exercise almost every day of the week I feel like a fish out of water. For a million years that exercise was exclusively running. Thank goodness I was injured so that I was FORCED to branch out. Now I swim and do yoga and walk and bike and spin.

Besides giving all muscles a workout it takes me to places and colors and design I would have missed just running the same road at the same time day after day after day.

But the injury made it stupid to run. Until it was fixed. Not 100% and I probably won’t run another marathon but I can hit my beloved Potawatomi Trail with an hour walk/run. Did that recently on a particularly mild January afternoon. My quads were waking up and my hamstrings were blinking awake.

And my heart was singing.