And the beat goes on

I've taken a hiatus from NPR. Listening to it the other day while working in the shop I wondered if it was always so political. Everything from the marketplace report to the Saturday afternoon "fun" shows were dredged in the awful politics of the day. The world just seems to be swirling down the drain. So I turned it off. Wow. 

Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain.

I met a new client at a very small and crowded local bakery. In one corner was a table full of older men gabbing, the counter women were deftly handling new arrivals and we secured a table for our custard-filled Long Johns. She was handing over a quilt top and as we chatted to get to know each other our donuts sat in their little red baskets. It was a tough conversation to have because of the noisiness and space limitations but we just raised our decibel level and I found it so much fun on a dreary, rainy Saturday morning. We accomplished a lot but I feared the cacophony might have been detrimental to any further ongoing business. But actually, the follow up email conversation was that she came away "energized"!

La de da de de, la de da de da

As baseball players have the change-up pitch, nudging the status quo can create fresh air in the dusty air.