Horton Hears a Who!

100% Faithful

100% Faithful

My favorite Dr. Seuss character is Horton, the elephant. "I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An elephant's faithful, one hundred percent!" I've realized I took his words to heart literally. Whether it's my family or pets, job or quilting I'm faithful one hundred percent.

When thinking about today's blogpost I wanted something catchy to describe what I wanted to talk about. What came to mind were interrogative pronouns...really! Who came to mind was my tenth grade English teacher, Mrs. Cawetzka. She was the coolest. She was first a student teacher then hired on permanently and also became the girl's track coach. It was Title IX time and the school needed coaches for all the new girls teams and she gallantly volunteered. In retrospect, it was more likely the additional stipend coaching added to a teacher's starting salary. In any case, she's now retired but from posted accolades I've seen she was a favorite teacher of many students. Why?

She probably doesn't realize this but she was my go to person. She was a teacher but the her that was her made her "faithful one hundred percent" to her students. My best friend, Bonnie, and I would "surprise" Mrs. Cawetzka at home. She never turned us away though in retrospect I'm sure there were moments she'd wished she'd peaked through the eyehole of her front door. It wasn't grammar or running or school or boyfriends it was a sense of unwavering loyalty to two high school girls.

I want to be your quilting Cawetzka.

WHY would you want to choose me as your long arm quilter? I understand the pride of creating a quilt from start to finish, whether it's hand quilted or machine quilted. Sometimes a quilt is "get her done" whether it's a baby shower coming up quick or a grandchild going off to college or that quilt top that's sat in a bag in the back of the closet for years. I have my grandmother's quilting frame and remember well going to her house and hand quilting the twin quilt I still have. It seemed to take forever and didn't leave any time for anything else more fun...like piecing another quilt top!

I work hard at giving my customers the quilt they envisioned when they started. Together we discuss what the final product should look like as I believe the quilting should NOT take precedence over the piecing. Quilting isn't the star of the show, it's meant to hold the fabric sandwich together in an aesthetically pleasing way. My design background steers me to patterns and color that work together for each individual quilt.

And along with my design aethetic I have a crazy strong work ethic. I want you to have the most wonderful quilt, every time. And I want you to have it before you think you'll get it and if you can't easily come to me, I'll come to you. I want to share my passion as you have shared yours.

Special thanks to Dr. Seuss.