Charging the battery

Crossing time zones and waterways and carrying multiple plugs, cables, chargers to stay connected...phew. But surrounding all that machine connectivity was the human connectivity. I went to sleep most nights (except the night of the 24 hour flu bug) with a smile in my heart. 

It was a whirlwind two weeks starting with a wonderful birthday present: Keb 'Mo concert with my wonderful daughter in Chicago! I got my mom battery charged spending time with my little sweet pea who's a grown woman rockin' a job and relationships.

Phoebe and me on the El


On to Germany and magical Garmisch-Partenkirchen. I got my wife battery charged spending time with my soon to be retired and living stateside husband!


Hiking and biking and being with friends made my cheek muscles hurt from smiling.


A commissioned mural in an apartment stairwell charged my artist battery along with a trip to the Lenbachaus Museum in Munich. I so identify with Der Blaue Reiter group of Kandinsky, Munter, Marc and Jawlensky. Their color and brush strokes fascinate me.

I almost always joke about needing a vacation from my vacation...and who hasn't said those words? But this time, though the time was full, I slept well, smiled often and breathed in calmness and tranquility. A very zen time. So the battery charging system is on full and I'm full press ahead.