Oh, if I were a rich (wo)man


I say it all the time, I have the best job. Happy faces when customers pick up their finished quilt. And every job is different; different fabric, color, and style. Traditional 9 patch, log cabin, strip or kit, they’re all interesting and a labor of love and sometime frustration.

I have three quilts I sleep under. One is an appliqué that I’ve borrowed from my snowbird parents, given to them when they were married and it’s of the floppy, well worn genre. Then there’s the appliqué one my grandma made for me which I had a hand in handquilting (6 stitches per inch or it was ripped out). And finally, an old, handpieced hexie I found at a Florida flea market. The vendor was selling a variety of stuff and I didn’t think she knew what she had as it was a jumble in a box. “How much for the blanket?” “20 bucks” “How about $15?”

I love my old, traditional quilts.

But as an artist I’m always looking for new directions. I think I’m on to something different, for me at least. Whole cloth from India. Beautiful colors and traditional motifs. I’m going to appropriate for a new direction. It’s good to shake the trees, never know what fruit will fall.