Music that fills your soul

Happy holiday
Happy holiday
While the merry bells keep ringing
Happy holiday to you

Andy Williams

I was having a particularly bad day, NPR political coverage was annoying and road rage was starting to get the best of me when I had an AH HAH! moment…it’s Christmas music time on the radio! I live out in the boonies with radio coming then going depending on where I’m driving so I have two presets on my car radio for all Christmas all the time. I can sing along at the top of my voice

It’s just a traditional time of year and the older I get the more the memories flood in. Now I understand my grandmother being sad and not thrilled about the holidays.

As much as I loved my grandma I was and am determined to be uncurmudgeonly in my old age! My car has a Rudolf red nose attached to its front bumper and my dashboard has a solar-powered elf who jiggles along to the tunes.

I see a lot of quilts in my shop. I love the traditional ones as much as I love the modern ones. And it certainly is the time of year to enjoy them all.