I lived in Germany for about 7 years and frequently I thought, “You’re not in Kansas anymore.” Winter driving was a challenge. German work day begins at 7 a.m. regardless of when the snow flies. Which made the morning commute a seriously snarly and treacherous drive. And on top of that, very little salt was used. We lived in an area that had rolling and steep hills. Think about driving a stick shift in bumper to bumper traffic on a steep hill with non-salted roads and a traffic light at the top. The second year I lived there I bought winter tires…not all-season…winter tires. Which meant a second set of rims. A costly expense but once they were on, zippity do dah! I thought I could drive in all weather coming from Michigan but I was HUMBLED and followed the German way of seasonally changing my tires.

So, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. I went to the internet to research hexie piecing and there were so many postings on how to I couldn’t decide which one to look at. So naturally I moved on to cranberry sauce recipes…then muffin recipes…then…

So easy to go down that rabbit hole!

What kind of a learner are you? Do you do well following written instructions? Do you need to follow someone’s motions step by step to understand the hand/eye coordination? I’m a “Follow me” learner so YouTube is my quilting savior. But, I’m not getting rid of my books just yet.