This weekend was stereotypical Michigan: wait a few minutes and the weather will change. Sunday I was at a farmer’s market and it was cold and drizzly. We joked about missing that “bright orb in the sky” and then at one point in the early afternoon it cleared a wee bit. The sun came out for about 2 minutes and we joked that if you blinked you’d have missed it.

In “Blink” Malcolm Gladwell writes that intuitive judgment is developed by experience, training, and knowledge. Basically, trust your gut.

I unconsciously use that idea with the drawings I do.

I get in the zone and my fingers and brain just do it. Picking brushes, color, line weight without thinking. And then when one drawing is done I’ll go on to another one instead of working one to death. (Though, I have done that with longer lasting media like oil.) Finally, I totally let it rip.

I follow a few quilters on Instagram and the prolific ones are riffing on their chosen medium: fabric. One in particular does hexie paper piecing quilts and though they look very similar to me I’m sure she could go into detail about the differences.

I’m amazed at the number of people who bring me quilts and leave the stitch design up to me. I’m trying to understand why such a finished part of the process one would leave to someone else. They lived the design and the fabric and breathed in the sewing for hours…keep going to the end.

So, I’ve been trying to help them trust their gut. We look through my stitch gallery and then I’ll suggest 3 or 4 and give them the reasons why and let them choose. I can see just that little bit of empowerment is satisfying. And the next quilt they bring in we spend a bit more time with them doing the choosing.