My legacy is a grandmother who created beautiful costumes and dresses for my mother from pictures from a magazine. My childhood Easter and Christmas dresses were made from beautiful fabrics from the remnants section of Jeannette's Bridal in Detroit where she worked. My dolls' clothes were made from beautiful organzas, chiffons, peu de soie (how many 9 year olds know that word?) and velvets. My wedding dress was a hand-me-down: velvet with handsewn lace and crystals. My daughter's wedding dress? Handsewn by me with family Hungarian embroidery and appliqued lace.

When I was ready to leave the corporate and federal government employment world it was a short step to what I've always known. And the realization that it's what I love took hold. I love my job. I love the color, the fabrics, the design, the creation, the production and most importantly, the clients.

I wouldn't say that about past jobs I've had and that's what tells me I'm at the right place. Love is not a word I throw around loosely. It's reserved for my husband, parents, children and select friends. My litmus test for my work is waking up Monday morning and not cringing and pulling the covers over my head wishing for Friday. The days fly by in my shop.

What's so much fun is seeing the look of joy on my customer's face when they see their piece quilted. I feel privileged to take their hard work and creativity and complete the process.

My Story

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Michigan in graphic and industrial design and a Masters of Fine Art from Eastern Michigan University.

I worked for over 30 years in graphic design, advertising and  marketing for corporations, non-profits, the University of Michigan (Law School and Hospital system), the U.S. Army (working for service members and their families overseas) and several part time jobs which keep me humble and grounded.

As I work to get KootsiQuilting self-sustaining I have a few part time jobs so shop hours are limited. Usually Thursday through Sunday. Spring is around the corner and I will be at the Thursday Northville Farmers Market (corner of Sheldon and 7 Mile) and Saturday South Lyon Market. I'll be posting a schedule soon but the BEST way to contact me is to call (734) 717-3413 or email (

I offer free pick up and delivery and will  make every effort to be in contact throughout the process of delivering to you a beautiful quilt.